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Social Media Clients (line list)

Below you will find links out to a sampling of my social media clients. With some exception I have had sole responsibility of all of the design work for these clients.


Dr Robert Bowen

Dr. Bowen helps his patients to transform their appearance and confidence by offering the latest in cosmetic medicine and body contouring

Tilth Beauty

Tilth Beauty provides a high-performance, ultra-effective product line that is free of toxic ingredients and delivers results that consumers expect from a premium skin care line. We simply will not compromise on ingredients to make money! Everything we manufacture holds the promise of a great win/win outcome – our products are good for the consumer – and good for the Earth! We work in concert with Mother Nature’s abundant and abiding genius.,tas%3ATilth Bea,idx%3A1-1-1


New Edge Nutrition
New Edge Nutrition is a group who is dedicated to providing only the best products for adult men and women in the middle stages of life who need an extra boost.  What are you waiting for?  Take the first step down the path to self-improvement and we will be there to help.


ITF Trainer

ITF Trainer is a new client that I have just set up their social media for. Right now they are in the Affiliate gathering state so much of what is out there for them is to attract Affiliate marketers and not a customer. Your Body Shape… Let us professionally guide you through a safe, sensible back to basics complete fitness system.


Life Coach to Lose Weight/Life Coach to Quit Smoking

Trim Slim Hypnosis
Life Coach To Quit Smoking

Maureen Hamilton is an Integrated Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and a Demartini Method Facilitator. Maureen has previously worked in many areas of health in Australia as well as overseas.


Source1Beauty is a major spa equipment and salon furniture supplier in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV offering nationwide shipping. Owning and operating our own Med-Spa since 2004, we truly understand the value and importance of modern,reliable and affordable equipment and furniture for your spa and salon.


American Education Products LLC Resources, Hubbard Scientific, National Teaching Aids and Ginsberg Scientific form the Manufacturing Divisions of American Education Products LLC. The divisions of AMEP have been supplying the highest quality classroom materials domestically and internationally for more than 70 years.

TRAINMAR partners with Organizations across industry sectors and country borders, to meet training needs – via standard workshops and customized courses – addressing Clients specific business needs. We are in the process of adding separate social media sites for Trainmar.



Today’s students want to reach their educational goals in a way that fits their lifestyles. Whether their courses are blended or fully online, they are eager to participate in engaging, rigorous online learning programs.


Stitt Feld Handy Group

The Stitt Feld Handy Group offers mediation and arbitration services through ADR Chambers.  The Group also provides negotiation advice, coaching services, and the design and implementation of conflict management systems. This is a company whose challenge was to find their niche market in social media. A challenge to say the least, however, in 3 months I have increased their following by 125% and increased their engagement level by %1000 (ok that was not actually that hard, they had never engaged in social media before)


E2bteknologies I have a long history with e2b technologies having known an worked with them since the early 90’s. As they evolved and continue to do so, we have continued to partner in their online marketing and social media needs.

e2b teknologies is a growing software organization, providing solutions and services to a diversified, loyal client base. As an established Northeast Ohio business, many of our team members have worked together for several years, and our roots go back to the early 90s.!/e2bteknologies


Sensational Color Kate Smith is a well-known and respected Color Consultant. Her work has been included in many top publications as well as online. Kate also presents to major companies such as NorthFace, Sherwin-Williams and Pittsburgh Paint to name just a few.,tas%3AKate Smit,idx%3A2-1-2


Sway for maids

Sway for maids is a capsule collection of 7 ready-to-wear dress styles and 24 knee- and floor-length half slip styles and full-length slip styles. The dresses are classic silhouettes and the slips are beautifully hand-crafted with borders of feathers, silk, tulle, and more that peek below the hemline of a dress.


Pepi Natural by Nature Inspired by the wonderful range of NZ and Australian Merino fabrics and the needs of my children, I have taken the opportunity to develop the Pepi Snugglesuit™ sleepwear range.I designed the Pepi Snugglesuit™ for my toddler who had almost out-grown his sleeping bag and had started to stand and walk. He was at the stage where his sleeping bag limited his movement, making him frustrated when he was ready to stand up and get moving


Current Boutique This unique company provides trend forward clothing, upscale environment for those seeking the latest fashion on a budget. With 5 locations in major US cities their offerings are sure to tempt even the most discerning shopper.


Jathi It took mobile technology and the Jathi-invites for two apps to get us back to how we once enjoyed another person’s company. In person. Face-to-face. One-on-one. The idea for Jathi-invites for two started with the notion that while mobile technology helps us to efficiently connect, it can also be used to help us enjoy each other’s company, in-person one at a time. In other words, getting us all back to spend “together time.” And that’s what the Jathi-invites for two iPhone app is all about.


Telluride Rentals

Telluride Rentals has been my client for 5 years now. I just redesigned their website 8 months ago and it has had phenomenal success both from an SEO and SEM stand point.


Caribbean Blue Book

Caribbean BlueBook is a unique challenge as a client owing to the fact that they are in a heavy traffic selling space with an unusual product offering. Caribbean BlueBook is a new way to experience, interact with, and plan your special trip to one of the most desired destinations in the world- the Caribbean.


Southern Vacation Rentals

Southern Vacation Rentals is a Vacation Rental Management Company in Destin, Florida. This is a competitive vacation area with lots of VRM’s to choose from. So a unique and holistic approach was needed. I completed the setup and population Southern Vacation Rentals 6 months ago. Since then, their bookings have increased by 180% with a 78% conversion rate directly from their social media channels. Here are the links to the channels.


Chula Vista Resort

Chula Vista Resort is a current client and is a work in progress. They came to me with a very large public relations problem. Through the use of their social media channels, I have helped them overcome their PR problem. I have also increased their ROI from social media by 450%. Social media now accounts for a full 1/3 of their bookings. Here are the links to t he Social Media channels that I created for them.


Baileys Irish Cream Trinidad and Tobago

Baileys Irish Cream is a whiskey and cream based liqueur, which launched in Ireland in 1974. It is now the no.1 liqueur in the world, and sold in over 100 countries. Enjoyed over ice, Baileys can also be drunk in coffee, shaken with ice, as a Baileys Shiver (blended with ice) or as part of a variety of delicious cocktails. Baileys now comes in four flavours – Original, Baileys with a Hint of Crème Caramel, Baileys with a Hint of Mint Chocolate and Baileys with a Hint of Coffee.


Pixie Vision Photography

Pixie Vision Photography is a long time client with whom I have had great success with online marketing social media marketing. She is in an industry that is heavily saturated and aggressively competitive.


CFO Benefits Established over 7 years ago, CFO Benefits began operations with a small group of founding members, and now employs many accounting professionals with expertise in management accounting, cost accounting, forensic accounting, non-profit accounting, and real-estate accounting genres just to name a few.


Holgates Brewhouse

Holgate Brewhouse is an independent craft brewery run by a small team passionate about hand-crafting fresh, full flavoured beers.
Located 45 minutes from Melbourne in the picturesque village of Woodend, visit the brewery inside our iconic, restored 19th century hotel with restaurant, accommodation and eight Holgate beers on tap. Check our stockists page for the Holgate retail outlet or Holgate tap nearest you!


Sent – Well Custom Cards

Sent-well specializes in the personal touch of the handwritten note. Choose your cards conveniently online, and we will handwrite your personal message inside, stamp and send them for you. As sent-well, we understand the importance of thoughtfulness, and believe that a handwritten note communicates in a way no text or email can.


Tandem Lane With personal touches from you and themed gifts selected by us, Tandem Lane’s monthly care packages help you stay connected and show them you care. By regularly connecting with geriatric experts, caregivers, and most importantly, seniors themselves, we ensure that each month’s package will surprise and delight!


Light Load Towels The world leader in towels that save you weight and space. All towels are survival tools and our beach towels fit in your pocket. Aside from managing all of light load towels social media, also handle their reputation management, affiliate sales and blog.


Blink Entertainment

Blink Entertainment is a telephone, cable tv and Internet service provider in Trinidad and Tobago. We offer wireless and wired TV entertainment services with Video on Demand (VOD), Pay Per View and over 100 Channels with Digital HD.


Here is a link to my blog. where you can get insight to my social media methodologies.