My Career Path

Kimberly Gamba – Social Media Marketing
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Leoni Designory —  Graphic Design Studio

I am Leoni Designory and Leoni Designory is a integrated design and marketing firm. I do it all, applying my various skills in Advertising, Web Development, SEO, PR, Social Media, Video, UI Design and Branding.

I strive to build a relationship on trust — I bring a wealth of knowledge about traditional marketing and UI design tactics as well as staying on cutting edge of new technologies and channels. By staying current with the latest developments in these so we can advise you on the most effective strategies

My graphic design skills include everything from the composition of your business cards to the layout of your websites, mobile app, from the web banner ad linking to your homepage to the outdoor billboard.

Whether you need a tri-fold brochure or a poster, a slideshow presentation or a background for your Twitter page 5I will make sure it’s branded consistently and targeting the appropriate audience.


 Blizzard Internet Marketing, Colorado — Social Media Marketing 

In my role as Blizzard’s Social Media Marketing expert, I am responsible for the overall development and ongoing management of Blizzard Internet Marketing clients Social Media.

Duties: Nurture and lead social media/ communities including blogs, message boards, email discussion groups, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress and Tumblr and other branded communities to generate publicity and engage customers.

I help them engage and increase the loyalty of existing customers through social media efforts as well as increase their reach through innovative social media marketing. I develop methods for generating awareness through social media. Create a social media messaging to be used throughout the organization; establish guidelines and best practices for social media messaging and marketing.

Additionally, I analyze and reported on all online marketing efforts and provide ROI through, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster, WildFire as well as various other analytic tools.

I am currently certified in the following Google tools: Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.

E2B Teknologies, Ohio — Online Marketing Manager

As the marketing manager for e2b technologies my team is responsible for the overall development and ongoing management of all marketing programs, including, but not

Analyzing websites and provide well-defined strategies to increase lead generation, conversion and ROI.

Behavioral marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) marketing, digital marketing, display advertising, e-mail marketing, Interactive advertising, Social Media Marketing and Matrix Analysis, newsletter marketing, online market research, online reputation management (ORM), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) social media marketing, blog marketing, multivariate testing or optimization, viral marketing.

American Greetings, Ohio — Creative Director

Key elements of this position include effectively managing on time workflow, through internal/external schedules, processes, procedures, and policies, as well as provide appropriate resources to enable and empower associates. By emphasizing freedom and accountability with-in a matrix structure, I developed leadership from with-in the organization.

Using various Social Media channels and the trend council, I monitored trends through specific channels to determine trends that directly contributed to the creation of successful American Greetings MRP card, stationary and e-card development.

OfficeMax, Inc., Ohio — Creative Director – Advertising & Visual Merchandising

I came on board with OfficeMax, Inc. with the purpose of developing a department whose contribution included the designing of compelling online and in-store experience for the consumer. During my tenure with OfficeMax, Inc. Many programs create that enhance the consumer experience and directly increased store sales.

A measurable result of our research and implementation was the OfficeMax Express store: An urban store with a small footprint, which serves the downtown business customer in a one-on-one basis. This has been one of the most successful launches in the companies’ history. After year one, my duties expanded to include the Advertising Department. I inclusive was the following: Weekly pre-prints, direct mail and promotional DM. Additionally, with the consolidation of OfficeMax, Inc. & Boise, I began to work directly with our ad agency DDB Needham to create brand awareness through various media endeavors.

Self Employed – Orange County and Los Angeles, California – Creative Director – Account Management

My primary function for the following companies was creative development to final production of a variety of projects. All below clients and projects were handled concurrently.

The Designory– Clients Included: Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Porsche, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Mercede – Develop creative, innovative designs for the yearly car brochures provided to their dealers to be used as selling tools. I was the lead creative for the concept, design & production of the Mercedes 1999 L.A. Auto Show.

Bos Design – Clients Included: Avery Dennison, Jose Olé, Hunt Wesson, Boca Burger, Olivia – Design & produce packaging and corresponding sell sheets for product lines.

Air Creative – Clients Included: Paramount Pictures Managed the design & production of magazine, newspaper and television guide ads for Paramount television programs.

Béynon Design – Clients Included: American Honda Motor Company,  I-Hop Corporate – Managed the flow of information from Honda via internal account people. Created print and interactive material that promoted Honda as an American Company

Rubin Postaer & Associates – Clients Included: Honda Interactive Concept & design of interactive projects for Honda through RP&A.


Full Time Positions – Orange County and Los Angeles, California – Creative Director – Sr. Art Director

Sargent & Berman – Clients Included: Princess Cruise, LA Cellular, Bandi America, US Web, Sony Signature, Jacks Pacific Creative Director • Worked directly with Princess Cruise Lines, LA Cellular, US Web and Sony Signatures as the creative contact. Directed designers with line development and seasonal direction. Sr. Art Director • Worked as Senior Art Director, Managing a staff of 20 people, in the development of toy packaging for Bandi America & Jacks Pacific.

Lord, Dentsu & Partners – Clients Included: Dole, AST Computers, Suzuki Motor Cycles, Country Wide Home Mortgage, Best Western, Healthnet, Oliver Peoples/Eyevan, Suzuki Motor, Bally’s, Koo Koo Roo, Paramount TelevisionSr. Art Director • Worked with creative staff in conception through completion on print projects. Spear headed the creative development of all on going campaigns simultaneously developing branding strategies and visual elements for print and broadcast. Managed merchandising and promotional programs for LD&P’s largest account, AST Computers.  Responsible for four seasonal promotions per year of all western state advertising programs and promotions delivered to all national retail channel partners.

Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising – Clients Included: Toyota Motor Corporation, Yamaha Motor Sports, Vons Pavilions, Conroy’s Flowers, YMCA Southern California  — Art Director • Advanced to Art Director position after 6-months, working on Toyota Dealer television/print. Managed jr. art directors and production artist with creative the following accounts; Yamaha Motor Sports, Vons Pavilions, Conroy’s Flowers, YMCA Southern California — Jr. Art Director • Worked on all accounts for print, broadcast and television. Helped to establish a standard for the Western States Dealers association for Toyota Dealers. Created the Conroy’s flower campaign that runs every spring “ We’re dropping our Bloomers”


Internship, Tracy Locke & Associates  – Denver Colorado

Obtained hands on experience training for work in the field of advertising. Job duties included everything from running the typesetting machine & developing stat images to cut and paste for print & newspapers ads.


EDUCATION    University of Denver

Bachelor Degree Psychology Minor: Communications/Marketing

GPA 3.38 Major 3.5 Graduation

Self financed 100% of studies while working full time

Colorado Institute of Art

Associate Degree: Visual Communication/Marketing

GPA 3.1 Major 4.0 Graduation

Self financed 100% of studies while working full time

TECHNICAL SKILLS: Online and Computer include, but are not limited to, the following Google Agency Toolkit, Google Analytics for Social Media Marketing. Klout, Kred or Peerindex, LinkedIn Sector Skills, Dofollow Blog finder. Ubersuggest, Raven Tools, Majestic, SEOmoz, Open Site Explorer, Marketing Grader ‑‑ Facebook Edge Ranking, Wildfire, Hoot Suite, ShortStack, WooBox, Quark, In-Design, PageMaker, MS Office Suite, Camtasia, Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress, Drupal, Dreamweaver, Flash, Firework & Final Cut Pro.

PERSONALLake Metro Park Mounted Unit Volunteer: In addition to patrolling the Lake
Metro Parks on horseback, I participate in a variety of educational and recreational duties with regards to the Metro Parks and the public. I serve as crowd control during parades as well as any government event should it be required.

Social Media Advanced Training – Blizzard Internet Marketing‑ Taught Advanced Social Media Classes for Blizzard clients and non-clients.

Adult Education Adult Education Teacher for RIF Los Angeles 1991-2001:Taught
Adults in the inner city areas of Los Angles the fundamentals of reading and writing

Monthly Lecture, The Book Shop, Student lecturer on getting you foot in the door of Advertising. Taught workshops on “Computer Design” Advanced course work as it applied to the new age of advertising.

12-Year Member, AGLA; Art Directors Guild of Los Angeles

6-Year COSE, Arts Network; Participating member/leadership contributor