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Political Social Media Campaigns – How and Why they can win or lose elections.

Starting out, knowing the ins and outs of online networking can be a bit daunting for candidates. Here are a few tips for political campaigns are unfamiliar or starting out with the whole social media thing. First a note to the candidates: Much of how campaigns have been using social media amounts, at best, to a …

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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

These days, you want to create a LinkedIn profile that will get praise on the web. A profile that will get recruiters to dial your number… a profile that will clog your profile with thousands of InMail messages. Indeed, having a presence on LinkedIn can increase your odds of being recruited. The platform rose to …

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Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updates and What It Means To Social Media Managers

Google isn’t the only tech company making big updates this week, as Facebook took to the ’Net yesterday to announce updates to its News Feed algorithm. There are three main News Feed updates according to the social network’s announcement. The first update focuses on improving the experience for people who don’t have a lot of …

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